The Otherside

The moving Mountain

Wed 5-17-17

This is a basic bullet list of our adventure…

Tap and Tavern is the start of the adventure
Abraham black fingers gnome tavern owner he’s crazy like a fox
Jory Stonefoot north end of the town.
Mountains to the East
Follow the river to the north, and will see a beautiful mountain that had moved a few degrees to the west.
Faroar does remember that the mountain was located in a different location and conforms this.
A 1 day travel to the mountain
We introduced our characters during our travel to the mountain
10 miles into it we start to camp out because night falls
During the second watch 3 Kobolds ambush us with unfamiliar tribal markings than the usual Kobolds.
Aritian fries the first Kobold, Faroar bites the second to death, As the last runs away Quinlin shots an arrow and finishes the last Kolbold.
The tribal markings look like an eagle painted on the Koldbold
We notice they left tracks heading north
We start following the tracks north
Found a waterfall and a cave behind it. We decide to leave it for later and go to the mountain
We finally see the mountain and it is perched in between a river and has 6 crab legs.
We flip a coin and decide to head to that mountain crab.
We notice a ladder dangling on one leg and we run over to it and start climbing it
We get to the top and found a cave system and drop inside
We head up the north path
Find crude drawings of the mountain crab
Coins, stones and a red potion.
Kobolds ambush
Beat kills first and second kobold, the last 2 ran away
We head south and find two traps. Aritian falls into a pit and gets impaled by a spike at the bottom.
We kill a couple kobolds and one throws maggots and another throws a skunk that sprays at Quinlin. They flee and we hear a giant roar as a wingless dragonoid creature walks around the corner and we flee back to town.


Oh my good friend you forgot the most important part of the log. You are missing the flavor! The drama! While I won’t recount the bare bones of our adventure to the Moving Mountain, I will give some juicy details on possible points of interest for those in the Seekers that wish to do some seeking.
-The Moving Mountain : It was last seen directly over the intersection of the 2 rivers.
It looks like a massive crustacean made of mountain. It has 6 gigantic legs. The peaks of each leg and the 2 peaks of its shell are so high that they are capped with snow, giving it the appearance of a mountain range. Where its mouth should be is the chasm of an active volcano. From the from peak, 2 shafts release a constant stream of smoke and gas which has the aspect of clouds and mist hovering above the mountains. We have noticed that it take approximately 20min for 1 leg to move from its starting position to its destination (meaning that it takes about 1hr40min for 1 leg to start moving again once it has been placed). In the clouds, we noticed 5-6 red flying creatures circling the peaks. Compared to the mountains, they appeared tiny, but they must be large in their own right to appear even that size. We entered the creature through a 100ft long rope ladder dangling from one of its legs. It appears that, the legs at the very least, are infested with all manner of dragonoid creatures, the most prevalent of which are kobolds. If you are looking for treasure and combat, this is the place to go.
-The Cobalt Falls Kobold Den: We followed the trail of the ambushing kobolds back to their waterfall lair. The waterfall pours into a deep crevasse which, presumptively, creates an underground river. A small ledge leads behind the waterfall and down into the crevasse and to the opening to the den of the kobold tribe.
-Unknown Tracks: Now this is one that I am very interested in, but I may need to regain my collection of monster hunting gear before I take on this task. Faroar encountered a trail of a beast of unknown origin heading East-West in direction Just north of our campsite. The beast appeared to be very large. Could this be the source of the Eerie Aura in the woods east of the River? There is only one way to find out!
-The Elf-ish Coin: On the body of one of the kobold ambushers, I found a mysterious green coin of some apparent value. On each side of the Coin is the face of an Elf with one significant difference. That difference is that the mouth of the Elf is far to large to e of normal origin. I know not what this could mean, but it does give me pause every time I look at it.
-The Draconian Engraving: In the kobold lair within the Moving Mountain, we encountered a shrine of some sort to the Mountain itself. Painted on the wall was the Mountain, and on each side of it were the leathery wings of a great Creature. Below the painting, engraved on the wall were several lines of writing which no one in our party could read. Tweet used his mimicry skills to memorize the lines to copy down when we returned to the Guild Hall. What could it say, and why is it so important to the kobolds?

There it is Seekers! Happy adventuring,


The moving Mountain

Gills adds: Late the very same night amid uproarous laughter at the Tab & Tabard…

While Tweet ‘n’ Beat show off an etching of the memorized draconic symbols in the tavern, Yons Quintus (a local wizard and magic item broker) approaches. "You’ve got some interesting writing i see there! That’s early period draconic, if I’m not mistaken. It says “Red Mother” in case you were wondering. Hmm, most curious"

The moving Mountain
Gills Gills

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