The Otherside

Death of a Dick

The time the Raven Queen led to the death of the skeleton man.

Log of the Dwarven Mercenary.
Before the mission, Valir came to us saying that there was apart of a mission the previous guildies could not finish.
Valir because of this took lead, he nacigated us around the ambush they had reached.
In the temple, Valir and Hal took out the hunter, but Valir took 2 arrows to the shoulders, and went down.
Everyone tried sticking Mourlisk’s soul knives into him to stabilize him, but eventually Mourlisk helped to stabilize him.
Nora had Mihnarath scout ahead, and saw a lot of gnolls in the caves ahead.
We killed everyone in the cave across from us and when we went across, The Dick known as Chatty put on his Gnoll head and shouted something and alerted them onto our prescence.
We had a tough fight.
During the fight, Nora had to kill Chatty due to a command from the Raven Queen.
We left after killing everyone, and we went to the town for some rest.

Fuck the Raven Queen, and Fuck that Skeleton Dick for causing this.
I need to go smash somethings face in now.

- Bruddak Grimthane


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