Bruddak Grimthane

A Dwarf warrior exiled from a honorless mercenary company to live out the rest of his existance in the Otherside for defending his honor.


Bruddak was born into a mercenary company by the name of Steelheart.

When Bruddak was born into the company, it had a strict code of honor that you had to upkeep.
Here are a few of the tenets:

I: Always help a comrade
II: Never be cowardly
III: Never run from a fight, unless the situation is dire.
IV: Every member shall be regarded as a brother and shall be treated the same as everyone else.
V: Always complete a mission. Your word is only as good as your actions.

Bruddak regarded these tenets as sacred and would fight to keep them alive.

However, as time passed, the leaders of the company had abandoned these tenets that Bruddak held so closely to him.

Gromnus, who was the most cowardly and vile member of the leadership.
He would regularly treat the new blood as though they were nothing more than the gunk beneath his boot.
He would also never fight in a battle, always sending in the recruits to fight for him.
Over time Bruddak grow to despise Gromnus, as Gromnus represented the opposite of the honor the leadership once represented, and Bruddak had taken over training the new blood, so this made him his especially angry to see them being mistreated.

The final straw was on a mission to kill a hill giant.
The team was Gromnus as the senior leader.
2 other senior leaders(who were almost as dishonorable as Gromnus) as the 2nd in command.
Bruddak as a commander of the force.
and 13 of the new blood who would serve as the bulk of the force.
Gromnus and the other leaders sent in the new blood & Bruddak to fight the hill giant by themselves.
They were all slaughtered except for Bruddak who when he was running, grabbed Gromnus and the rest of them.
Bruddak had enough, and while the other 3 were sleeping.
Bruddak smashed their faces in with his warhammer, and after this crime.
The clan exiled Bruddak from the company and sent him to the Otherside where he would live the rest of his days.

Now Bruddak has arrived at the Otherside and is ready to kill every last dishonorable bastard in these wilds.

Bruddak Grimthane

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