The Otherside

5/16/2017 Adventure Log
Multi-Dimensional Tower Escapade

Hello Seeker’s Guild, Radelia Miraleth here.

I bring you a fresh perspective into our new base of operations.
For those of you who weren’t involved in the incursion into the tower. We found out that it wasn’t just a random flickering tower like some people thought, we found out it was ran by this order of mage that was trying to figure out multi-dimensional travel.

What we found when we first went up there was that we were having to time our entrance, until the Tabaxi rogue named Xander unlocked the door, while simultaneously freeing one of our party members. We had found an orb in the middle of the room which upon further investigation was sat upon a disk with a mysterious rune on it.

Being the brave adventurer that I am, I had interacted with the orb, saw that it had projected an image and allowed me to teleport outside of the tower. This would come in handy later. After some people had gone upstairs and found an apothecary’s lab(I wanted to find out more about the teleporting orb that had teleported me outside the tower.) After flipping the disk, the image had shifted to a mysterious cellar, again me being the brave adventurer that I am, I had touched the orb and been teleported in the room with no door.
The geniuses up top thought it would be a great idea to throw everything from inside the room into the cellar, including the bloody couch. Upon me looking around, I had found a door behind some crates, and I heard a clanking metal sound and sounds of gas, I had gone to the orb down there and gone back up. After some further investigating of the upstairs, we had found out that the tower was multi-dimensional in nature. We had also found a lot of notes about this, as well as some mysterious purple potions, I pocked these inside the box they were in. (In addition., the corpse of the presumed wizard was on the bed.)

After descending downstairs and teleporting down to the cellar, we found a magical construct. After some fighting, a lot of blinding smoke, a wall that was burned, a ranger that was hit 5 times by the construct(NOT ME, I AM THE BEST RANGER!). We had beat it.

The crazy grandma came down, looked at our notes, went into the cellar research center through the door I had noticed beforehand, opened up a portal(which is identical to the rift that we come into this mysterious land.), and after I expressed the very logical concern of we shouldn’t expand too far, she told me “It’s fine”, while she was still hoisted by this cleric on his shoulder, so she was petting my head. We made fun of her after this, and I don’t think she even realized we were.(Even better).

So right now, we have some experts coming in to setup our tower, such as a person who can help us reprogram the construct. We’re also having a medical guy come in to look at our potions and notes that we found, and our in-house healer sorcerer is going to apprentice under him.

Effectively this tower is our new base of operations, and we’re going to build a city around this. Just remember, nature must be protected at all costs.

EDIT: There was a blacksmithing area that we also found, I had forgotten this.

-Radelia Miraleth
Knight of the Order of the Fey.

The moving Mountain
Wed 5-17-17

This is a basic bullet list of our adventure…

Tap and Tavern is the start of the adventure
Abraham black fingers gnome tavern owner he’s crazy like a fox
Jory Stonefoot north end of the town.
Mountains to the East
Follow the river to the north, and will see a beautiful mountain that had moved a few degrees to the west.
Faroar does remember that the mountain was located in a different location and conforms this.
A 1 day travel to the mountain
We introduced our characters during our travel to the mountain
10 miles into it we start to camp out because night falls
During the second watch 3 Kobolds ambush us with unfamiliar tribal markings than the usual Kobolds.
Aritian fries the first Kobold, Faroar bites the second to death, As the last runs away Quinlin shots an arrow and finishes the last Kolbold.
The tribal markings look like an eagle painted on the Koldbold
We notice they left tracks heading north
We start following the tracks north
Found a waterfall and a cave behind it. We decide to leave it for later and go to the mountain
We finally see the mountain and it is perched in between a river and has 6 crab legs.
We flip a coin and decide to head to that mountain crab.
We notice a ladder dangling on one leg and we run over to it and start climbing it
We get to the top and found a cave system and drop inside
We head up the north path
Find crude drawings of the mountain crab
Coins, stones and a red potion.
Kobolds ambush
Beat kills first and second kobold, the last 2 ran away
We head south and find two traps. Aritian falls into a pit and gets impaled by a spike at the bottom.
We kill a couple kobolds and one throws maggots and another throws a skunk that sprays at Quinlin. They flee and we hear a giant roar as a wingless dragonoid creature walks around the corner and we flee back to town.

The Ranger perspective

We started off with me pointing out the way, and letting Radelia lead the way. We came across two panthers, one of which was trapped under a log. The tag team duo clerics moved forward and freed the panther and healed its leg.
We then made camp, and were attacked by two swarms of bugs. Unicorn tried to pour oil on his bolt and light it on fire, but burnt his hand instead. One swarm was officially finished off by a drunk Quinlin, as they flew at Radelia. The swarm decided to eat Yenros, so we knocked him on his ass to squish some of the bugs. That was when the suit of armor detached its arm to swat more bugs off of Yenros. Aritian finished off the second swarm with Toll the dead. We found a goblin map leading us to a tomb, but the night passed uneventful. The next day we came to a bridge and five arrows sailed out and downed Yenros immediately. Radelia and Unicorn quickly dispatched two goblins. We used a potion to revive Yenros mid fight. Suddenly Quinlin was rushed and downed in a matter of seconds! After using his second wind and being healed by a cleric, he decided to remain in the swarm of goblins and failed another attack. I flew a slaying arrow straight at the boss goblin as it suddenly picked up another goblin as a shield and the arrow slew the shield-goblin. The boss then knocks Quinlin back unconscious, and attempted to flee.I immediately loosed another arrow into the boss, and impaled him through his butt, slaying him on the spot. We all wondered why Quinlin loves sleeping so much on the job., but I poured a potion down his mouth. The death count was two for me, one for unicorn and three for Radelia. We decided to take a rest for Yenros and Quinlin. We then saw the mouth of a cave and continued forward.
Once inside the cave, two arrows blasted through Aritian, nearly knocking him out, Quinlin charged into the room, to find even more goblins hiding in the room, who also make him a pincushion. I killed the goblin boss and ran out to assist Quinlin in the room. Quinlin used my diversion to sneak attack and slay one goblin instantly. Yenros dashed into the room to assist us in clearing out the goblin blight also. We quickly dispatch another goblin, and Quinlin and Radelia prepared to murder anything that popped out from behind the wall. The last goblin was wrecked as it fled the party.
In the next room we found a nilbog and two more goblins. The nilbog cast confusion on Unicorn, and hid behind the goblins. Quinlin and myself ran into the room, he was blasted by psychic damage and stopped, while I killed one of the goblins. Radelia shot her bow and managed to slay the second goblin. The nilbog managed to dodge Yenros’s sacred flame. It then prevented Aritian’s attack. Unicorn tried to shoot it but missed dramatically. Quinlin charged it and ran it through. Once everything was dead we investigated the altar in the room. We found a scroll, a book, and a key to a room that was locked, that we had passed. We looted the rooms and split the money, and headed back to town.

Knotwood Forest

Journal of Drunikor Seosetosha

- Nahra herds the party save for myself
- Old woman talked to us and got a magic surge before leaving
- Found insane goblin
- Dedalus tried to save him, resulting in him and the goblin dropping
- Saved the goblin, who only speaks goblin then tied him to dedalus for later investigation
- Everyone jumped in the hole
- Goblin was attacked by a plant creature, which nearly killed the goblin and left something growing in its wounds
- After trying to hold the goblin still, it was killed for mercy
- Found another 2 creatures, one of whom hit me with a stone
- Tried to steal life from one, but got poisoned in return and nearly died
- Saved by Nahra and Yenros
- Proceeded onward into another room, where there was a wolf under similar conditions to the creatures
- Nahra stopped and alerted us to two more creatures
- Eliminated all 3 creatures
- Found another creature which ran away
- Followed it to find a second wolf
- Two more creatures appeared
- 1 extra appeared
- One of them dodged attacks from all of us
- Exterminated all of them, including the slippery one
- During a scuffle between nahra, valas, and dedalus, a creature jumped on valas, then was swiftly killed
- Further in the cave, valas was once again jumped by a creature he quickly dispatched of afterward
- Further still found what appeared to be the leader who seemed to call for a ceasefire
- The leader proposed peace if we would deal with a creature eating the rot they come from
- Found a creature made of wood who was very scared
- Wood thing was found to be made of spidersilk and moved due to the movement of the spiders in it
- Spiders scittered away, causing a giant spider to appear
- Giant spider was quickly dispatched of, although 2 more poured out
- Dedalus was dispatched by a spider
- Copper was paralyzed by a spider
- Copper was saved
- Spiders were finally killed



The Smoke on the Horizon

After 3 hours from leaving town we notice 5 goats.
Xander notices hippogryph tracks and notice they are attacking the goats
We finish off the 2 hippogryph and the goats
Xander attacks the dead goat and people start skinning and harvest the meat
We notice 4 goblins backing away from an ankylosaurus
We decide to capture the ankylosaurus
Tweet ropes him, Tharhoul grappled it prone.
Goblins start shooting the ankylosaurus as the party yells at them to stop
We knock the ankylosaurus out and several more ankylosaurus are coming from the distance. We run with the goblins and follow them back
*We arrive at the goblin camp
The spear tribe
Had to relocate to the north west
Knolls invaded and they fled
Now they are the broken spear because they feel broken after this
Clan of the black paw is the knoll tribe that has ankylosaurus as pets
Will grant us items and knowledge if we help reclaim their town
Shows a ring with Illusion property
The goblin give us a place to rest
Gives us 2 tents for our travels
We head toward the knoll’s location
Xander finds 5 skeletons a boss knoll and 2 knolls in a ritual as the rest stumbles upon 2 skeletons and 2 knolls
4 more skeletons and 3 knolls appear after we progress forward
We finish them all
**We find the treasure
-———-Lord sash
-——————The next time you would receive an ASI, you instead pick a feat and take a +2 to an ability score of your choice. This sash can only be used once. To retain the feat, you must be wearing the sash. Requires attunement.
-———-Whispering Ear earring
-——————This sentient earring never shuts up, The town criers soul was cast into the earring upon his death. Telepathic communication only with the wearer. Gives a +1 to casting stat, and allows the wearer to reroll 1 save throw once per long rest.
Must be attuned.
-———-Ring of mirrors
-——————this ring looks like a band of perfect glass. When looking into it, it shows the reflection of your face. You can cast mirror image on yourself or an ally that has seen his reflection in your ring. You must wait one long rest to reuse it, if you cast it on yourself. It takes 2 long rests to recharge if used on an ally.
-———-390 gp
-———-95 s
-———-32 copper
-———-Broken arrow emblem for safe passage
-———-A Disk will fit in tower from first session
-——————When inserted shows a picture of a sunken city

The book of Lum

We head toward the goblin tribe: broken arrow
Tells us to head to the city of lum which is directly east
Aritian gets to pet a lion
We head across a bridge
We arrive in a path with a dead horse
We find a shiny object by the horse and it was a jar that we opened
We get ambushed by 10 gnolls
One got away, captured another then killed the rest
The captured one couldn’t understand us and we killed it
*We arrive at some ruined temple
We notice a magical stone but can’t figure out what it is
We split in two groups to explore the two openings
First group finds a coded paper and a golden vase
We get ambushed by 7 more gnolls
They release prisoner kobolds to attack us
Then 3 more gnolls flank the back as two more kobolds flank from the front
We finally finished off all the enemies but it left us very dry on resources and decided to head back to town for now and come back another day.
**We also find a hatch on a door leading somewhere but we did not investigate

Peace with the half-orcs

An old lady (guild master) asks us to do a mission with the goblins again
Aritian takes the lead since he was the only one in the party that had gone be
We head west north west
*We arrive at the goblin camp and find a letter
It says they have left because its too dangerous
As we walk we get ambushed by 2 gnolls, a gnoll hunter, and a gnoll flesh gnawer
We get ambushed by a gnoll pack lord and 2 gnoll witherlings
4 half-orc horseman have seem to come out of nowhere and assist us
*Finishing off the gnolls the half-orc Kabak from the Turmic Horde clan introduces themselves.
We follow them back to their camp.
The older aged Chieften Moranir speaks to us
Black Paw bringing a shipment of treasure and orders
They wish for us to take these orders
We stay the night
We follow a path going north
We find a camp of 2 gnolls and 1 gnoll pack lord
A chest is found in the camp and we open it to find a map and notes about a new threat coming to the black paw.
*10 gem (worth 50gp ea)
+1 Greatsword with runes in the hilt
*Boots of striding and springing (attunement)
Walking speed is 30 and jumps 3 times the height and can’t be slowed
Cloak of the manta ray
*****Hood up allows breathing underwater and swim of 30 feet
We head back and hand the notes to the half-orcs and made a new ally
A black paw item can be magically tracked

Adventure into the Gnoll Basement

We are continuing a previous mission that was stopped early.
We head to the broken down temple where a trapped door.
The moment we get there we are attacked by 3 Gnoll Witherling, 1 gnoll, 2 kobold inventors, 4 kobolds, and 2 gnoll flesh gnawers
We got most of the kobolds to flee as we finished off the enemies.
After a rest we climb down a 100 foot ladder we find 3 kobolds, a gnoll pack lord, and a gnoll witherling
*2 kobolds flee from us as we kill the rest
*We entire further and we get attacked by a pack lord, 2 gnoll flesh gnawers, 7 gnoll witherlings and 5 kobolds and 1 kobold inventor
2 kobolds run away from us
We find 4 magic items while we flee from a horde of enemies charging at us
Magic items
Bracer of archery
***+2 on range attacks
Silver raven figurine of raven power
This silver figurine turns into a raven on command (but it retains its metallic consistency, which gives it hardness 10). Another command sends it off into the air, bearing a message just like a creature affected by an animal messenger spell. If not commanded to carry a message, the raven obeys the commands of its owner, although it has no special powers or telepathic Abilities.
It can maintain its non figurine status for only 24 hours per week, but the duration need not be continuous.
Amulet of Health
Your Constitution score is 19 while you wear this Amulet. It has no effect on you if your Constitution score is already 19 or higher.
Ring of spell storing
This ring stores spells cast into it, holding them until the attuned wearer uses them. The ring can store up to 5 levels worth of spells at a time. When found, it contains 1d6 − 1 levels of stored spells chosen by the GM.
Any creature can cast a spell of 1st through 5th level into the ring by touching the ring as the spell is cast. The spell has no effect, other than to be stored in the ring. If the ring can’t hold the spell, the spell is expended without effect. The level of the slot used to cast the spell determines how much space it uses.
While wearing this ring, you can cast any spell stored in it. The spell uses the slot level, spell save DC, spell attack bonus, and spellcasting ability of the original caster, but is otherwise treated as if you cast the spell. The spell cast from the ring is no longer stored in it, freeing up space.
100 gp
2000 cp
**3 stones 50 gp each

Ruined temple at the Forest's Edge

We arrive at the chapel ruins of kruvolsha
There are a lot of birds numbering in the 100s
Some of the birds are feasting a corpse on each side of the chapel
Aritian scares the birds back as he tries to cremate the body
The birds start attacking Valas, Nahra and Nyxis
A man (Velmos) comes out of the house and with a wave of the hand, the birds fly away and invites us in.
Velmos is a follower of the Raven Queen
Night riders (Velmos calls them) attacks the area.
Nightfall is when the night riders attack
Gives Aritian a key to a magically sealed door.
*The door only opens for holy religious people.
Large glyph on the door in golden metal thats faintly glowing
****The glyph: ancient order called the golden order. They are known for using powerful light magic to get rid of undead.
We head downstairs while a couple stay upstairs to keep watch
We find rooms and hallways
First room had some statue’s and bowls in the room and we experienced an earthquake of sorts.
A few traps that spews radiant flames shoots out at everyone but Aritian
Valas knocks open a door and a Skeleton is waiting on the other side.
A giant minotaur skeleton charges us and impales Valas as we turn a corner.
We open the next door and 8 skeletons attack us
Another minotaur skeleton comes out and attacks.
Nahra picks up a book and doesn’t seem like herself right now.
She hurries to Aritian and tells him to leave
*A paladin who protects the tomb possesses Nahra
Body is in the vault
*Aritian has to cast Calm Mind to calm the party that is now infighting and guides everyone upstairs to deal with the night riders.
Aritian locks the door and the holy golden symbol on the door changes to Aritian’s Deity symbol
We hear fighting coming from outside.+
6 zombies, 2 ogre zombies and a drow with tattoos riding a zombie horse leads them
The swarm of ravens are assisting us
We damage the drow and he flees promising to return.
We finish them out and everyone just passes out for the rest of the night
*Next morning we head back to town to better prepare for a big fight in the underground
Only Aritian would be able to open the downstairs

The battle of Bugbears vs Sahuagins

We are to scout 2 days southeast to find whats there.
*Quinlin decides to hit a tree which falls on him
*We run into 5 direwolves
Aritian and Radelia go down but are able to get back up and we finish the wolves
We continue exploring the woodlands…
*As night falls we set up camp and a swarm of bugbears approach us and actually speaks and requests for help.
Problems at their fort, a sea beasts, will be back in morning to guide us
Morning they bring us to their fort
We meet their leader,
People don’t usually trust their kind, but desperate times call for desperate situations
Against fish people
Heavily barricaded door where they are holding them off
The leader yanks the door open as 5 sahuagins and 1 sahuagin priestess are readied on the other side
**We finished off the first wave of sahuagins and decide to report this back to the guild and ask for reinforcement


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