Jessamine "Copper" Cadaval

She will go by Copper to you. Her pirate history is all she wants you to know.


Player: Kat
Campaign: The Otherside
Level: 1
Race: Variant Human
Class: Rogue
Background: Pirate
Alignment: True Evil
Current XP: 266
Size: Medium
Gender: Female
Age: 25
Height: 5’8"
Weight: 139lbs
Eyes: Green/Brown
Skin: Copper
Hair: Brown


Jess, from a young age, dreamt of the seas. Her father was a sailor and her mother – a whore. Not surprisingly, she had a lot of siblings. With terrible realities comes pleasantries, however. Once she was old enough to understand, she realized her mother was quite intelligent. She swindled people from their money and moral compass. Jess admired her for this. On the other hand, she admired her father just as much. He was commanding and had those bow to him with respect. While he earned money, he never earned the amounts her mother did. She wanted to learn her best route and started with her father on the White Dove. She joined him as a deckhand at the age of 14. Her father’s intelligence and musing attitude soon appeared in her personality too. She charted maps and stars while gaining respect. However, she wouldn’t be able to learn from her mother. Several months after being on the ship, another ship was spotted nearby. The neared the ship called the Copper Skin; the ship had copper linings and silks. The surprisingly stunning ship was completely empty. Concerned, they boarded. Half the crew was on the ship when pirates began pouring out to insue battle. Jessamine had never been trained in such art and was quickly captured. Seeing her plight, her father raced for her which led to him being beheaded before her. The pirates quickly overtook her father’s ship. The captain of the ship approached her with his stubble brushing her ear. He whispered, “all girls I come across do as I say. Will you do the same?” She was unresponsive and this earned her a head slam to the deck and he screeched, “you will do the same!” Jess was ordered to clean the trash left on the ship. She had to clean the leftover blood and push the bodies overboard – including her father’s. When done she met Culaver, Culaver was her new Captain’s, Pierson’s, advisor. Culaver informed Jess that he too was taken from his ship. However, he expressed great gratitude to Captain Pierson for he had Culaver learn many skills. He expressed their usefulness because of his lack of strength. Soon Jess experienced this as well. One very notable time they docked into a town, a young elven man was in his shop of rare, magical items. Looking to plunder and test, Pierson sent Jess in and observed. Jess took what she had learned from her mother, father, and Pierson.

She leaned over the counter and claimed she was looking for things to help her protect herself. The elf, grinning devilishly, stated it costs a lot to protect weak women like herself. She begged him to help her and he leaned over to her. Jess grabbed his cheeks as if to caress then slammed his head on the counter. With the ruthlessness of Pierson, she stabbed the man in the eye with her left pointer finger. “Who will protect you?” She mocked. Pierson was severely impressed with this incident and many others she displayed. She used her mom’s and Pierson’s lessons to get her way. On the ship, the crew respected her too. She eventually earned her way up to new right-hand man. Pierson began calling her “The Copper”. While her skin did maintain a copper hue, this wasn’t the reason for the title (although coincidental). She was truly given this title because Pierson and the crew believed she represented everything a pirate should and especially the Copper Skin should. This is also the name she will use to threaten people. She uses the “Copper” persona to keep her true identity hidden as well as intimidate others. Pierson promised the Copper Skin in return for Jess proving she could gather a crew and handle a ship on her own. That is exactly what she intends to do.

Jessamine "Copper" Cadaval

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