The Otherside

The Sunken City

We decide to look for the Sunken City, and head South East following the river,
*We get to a beach area and decide to split up and look for a way in
*We find a hole that seems to lead towards the city.
We head through the hole for about 2 hours, and find a gate thats locked and knock it over.
We seem to notice that this is a dwarven temple forge. Worships the Deity Dumathoin
*A Marrow jumps out of a room
2 more Marrows attacks Xander knocks her out and drags her away
A 3rd attacks Drunikor before the rest of the party notices
A statue turns into a gargoyle and ambushes Radelia
**Aritian runs after where he thinks Xander went and gets downed and taken away
*Yuriela appears out of nowhere and joins the party
*They move deeper into this temple and find 2 Marrows (could be the two that got Xander)
*Faroar heads to town to get renforcement
*More Marrow approach and threaten us to leave without our friends.
*The group leaves Aritian and Xander to whatever fate they may have


Gills darkdragonmc

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