The Otherside

The Loss of the Beard

Valir comes to us and shows us a map of the general area and this wierd Firbolg shows up.
Very tall and heavily armored human with gray skin and a stubby nose, wearing a green overcoat and blonde hair and shows up to our table with the Guildmaster.
He is a new member named Genlar, and we’re taking him on this mission per request of the guildmaster.
Mourlisk flipped over the table to introduce himself, but when we went back he fell flat on his ass and the bartender picks him up and slaps him.
Valir drags him by the shoulder out of the tavern.

Valas fails to track well, no real identifiable terrain markers to help him navigate us.
Valas, Nyxis, and Hal are not making a good impression on our new blood.

We travel for about a day and don’t make very much progress.

We make camp, Valir is off to the side.
Valas found us a full deer for dinner.

Suddenly, a bunch of swarms of snakes appear and cover Mourlisk who’s beside us.

We kill the snake bastards.

After waking up, we head to the entrance of the cave and kill some kobolds.

We venture into the caves some more and kill a bunch of kobolds and a red dragon wyrmling.

I also lost my fucking beard to that kobold mage bastard. I am now getting called a fat gnome because of this.
Those bastards are fucking dead to me.

I will now spend my time growing back my beard, I am naked now. I am fucking pissed now at everyone making fun of me for this.


Gills TheGreatCthulhu

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