The Otherside

The battle of Bugbears vs Sahuagins

We are to scout 2 days southeast to find whats there.
*Quinlin decides to hit a tree which falls on him
*We run into 5 direwolves
Aritian and Radelia go down but are able to get back up and we finish the wolves
We continue exploring the woodlands…
*As night falls we set up camp and a swarm of bugbears approach us and actually speaks and requests for help.
Problems at their fort, a sea beasts, will be back in morning to guide us
Morning they bring us to their fort
We meet their leader,
People don’t usually trust their kind, but desperate times call for desperate situations
Against fish people
Heavily barricaded door where they are holding them off
The leader yanks the door open as 5 sahuagins and 1 sahuagin priestess are readied on the other side
**We finished off the first wave of sahuagins and decide to report this back to the guild and ask for reinforcement


I feel like you forgot my epic daring part where I continued to be the best archer in this who damn guild.
Also, Nature can be really cruel. Luckily for us, we had the intelligent Aritian to keep us safe.
I also am unsure of these Bugbears, we should be cautious. The guild would really like to know about them. However, they could prove useful in the fight against the Black Paw provided we clear out the rest of their base for them, which that is always useful.
We can’t be picky with our choice of allies, in this strange world that we call home. Races that we would consider enemies become allies.

Oh and also, Valas. Maybe it is you who needs some assistance hitting your target, maybe cast that light spell you have on your own sword, maybe you’ll hit something.

- Radelia Miraleth


I played like I was missing, when really I felt bad that your recklessness in leading our party caused us to have to needlessly kill dire Wolf’s who were defending their territory. Had you been a better ranger and not somehow managed to get lost, or had you been stealthy, those poor creatures would be alive. When it came to the enemies within the bugbears home, none hit as many as me, nor took the brunt of their ire the way I did. I truly think had I not kept all 5 of them at bay, bottled in the small room, people would have died. Should I also take up my bow and show you how a real ranger makes that work as well? Work on your nature skills, as is your calling as a ranger, so innocent creatures need not be slain because of your ineptitude. A little light in the darkness can cast aglow many people’s faults and fears.

Gills darkdragonmc

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