The Otherside

The Arse-Kicking at the Labrynth

So, we arrived at this temple. It had very tall altars, pillars, archways, and the sort of thing you’d expect from abandoned ruins. However, the big difference was the gigantic temple with these weird bull-men on top of the ledges.

Hal and the tiefling decided we should attempt to pick them off from a distance while the winged tiefling specimen picked them off with what I only can assume is an eldritch blast. Must be some type of warlock.

After picking off a few of them, they all headed inside the temple, apparently they went underground, we then followed them up the temple and found some kind of teleporter, we went in 2 by 2. I got stuck with the bloody imp, it wouldn’t stop fucking talking. Longest 30 seconds of my life.

When I eventually got inside the temple, I saw the bull-men arranged in a circle around my party and I thought. “Hmm, ambush tactic. Fairly clever. Did not expect this from these Bull-Men”.

Once I had gotten inside, I was knocked out by one of the bull-men when the winged tiefling flew away. (First time I’ve seen a winged tiefling, I’ve heard about them before, but never seen them in person.)

Once I was revived, we went towards the exit portal. At least this experience served to complete my training in the elvish tradition of the Bladesinger, and I can feel myself being super close to unlocking the power of how to manipulate the knowledge within my own head.

EDIT: I’ve found out that the bull-men are called Minotaurs based on my research in the illustrius library. Already posted the report, so this’ll be here as a correction.


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