The Rift is open. Dare you enter this magical realm?

By the way, you guys should go check out the map in the “maps” section. That red dot represents the Seekers’ Tower and newly-founded Township of Rifton. The rest of the map is all you can see from the top of the tower, about 30 miles around. No maps exist for the land beyond, so I guess you’ll have to draw your own…

How to organize a session:
So you want to play a D&D session next week. Well, first there is one big thing about setting up a West Marches-style campaign that differ from a traditional game.
- The responsibility for organizing a game is on the players

But trust me, it’s really easy. Here’s how you do it…

1. Gather yourself and 3-4 buddies and decide what day you want to have a session, and also what you want to do during that session (it helps to frame it as a goal, i.e. “go explore that wierd floating pyramid” or “get revenge on the black dragon that chased us away last time”.

2. Consult the guild calendar and see if any DMs are available on that day (if not, maybe consider a day where one is available).

3. If a DM has posted that they are available that day, shoot them a message on discord and try to schedule a session. (remember, out of necessity it’s first-come, first-serve)

4. Once the DM agrees to run a session on your chosen date/time, let them know what your party’s goal is and where you want to go. (if you have no clue what you want to do, we have seeded some interesting hooks on the job board, but don’t feel bound to only these hooks. Often it is way more fun to come up with your own reasons to explore).

5. Now for the hardest part, waiting for your day to come…

6. Your day has arrived! Now you guys meet up at the aforementioned time and have a rad adventure!

Pro Tips:
- It is courteous to schedule a game at least 3 days in advance so your DMs have time to prepare content. Some of us need more time than others.

- Make sure your group can absolutely commit to your chosen date/time, or have backups in case things fall through. Seriously.

- What the Job Board is for: The job board is there to provide a few pointers should your group feel they don’t know where to go next. Think of it as a signpost that says “Adventure this way →”